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Just as an experiment, I lowered my 9C1 the easy way - front and rear spring REMOVAL. Yes, it's riding on the bumpstops
Looks pretty sick, rides pretty rough, but sure does get a lot of attention for a stock police car (painted black, blacked wheel trim, black door handles & locks). Must've lowered it about 5"-6" from stock 9C1..

Boy does it sit low. I'd say the frame is 2" off the ground. I don't have an air dam, it was gone when I got the car. But I don't think I could fit a shoe under the car.

I've got the 225/70x15 police wheels with half the tire tucked in the fenders. The only tire rub is the bolts on the top inside front fenders. I did have to spin the tie rod length adjuster bolt down because the tie rod adjuster bolts kept sticking on the frame.

It rides so rough I'll be putting in cut front 9C1 springs back in, clamped rear. I think I'm going to go with 3.5" of lowering... Lowered 9C1s rock
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