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What about our misplaced front wheel? The pic of my RMS below shows the front wheel is slightly too far rearward relative to the fender - both sides exhibit this:

Is this a design issue like the Impala rear wheel problem, or is this a factor of spring sag (I'm on the original springs) and/or caster angle (I don't have my current caster specifications in front of me, but would any amount of caster adjustment be able move the wheel forward relative to the fender by 3/4" or so)?

I've noticed some Fleetwood pics on the site show this "flaw" as well. I don't notice it on the Impala/Caprice.

So....Are your RMS front wheels centered?

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Rennick said:
what size tires are you running? they look really small...
On the OP's car, the tires do look too small, and it needs to be lowered IMHO. :)
He's prob running something like 275/40 or something. That's what I'm running and it looks just as horrible!!! In fact prob worse cause I removed the black wheel well trim on my car. Doesn't look right to me since the back doesn't have the same trim. I have 275/40's cause they came already on my ss wheels so can't complain cause got a good price on them. Fixing to lower it though and when I need new tires going to get 275/50 nittos. Fills the gap and look way better imo... used to be a fleetwood on the forum with ss wheels and nitto 275/50 tires and looked real nice!!!

Jeezum Crow!

Who called the "Lets-not-answer-the-question-but-try-to-pick-out-a-fault-buncha-douchekateers" club to order??

FWIW, the tires are 235/55/17. When I used the Miata tire calculator and compared to the stock 235/70/15 size, the difference in diameter is 28" vs. 27.2" You jackholes are giving me grief over 0.8"??? Sheesh! I hope none of you are teachers:

Student: Why is it I before E except after C?

You jackholes: I don't know, but your mother's a whore.


Thanks to Goldie for actually trying to answer the question. I appreciate it! :)

You others better work on your manners!! :p

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Touchy, aren't we?

No one was trying to beat you up.

As far as answering you, I posted many
pics from slightly different angles so YOU could decide.

Personally, I don't really care what you think,
but since I had the pics, I thought I'd show them
to you, and participate in the thread.

Your tires REALLY DO look too small.

The car REALLY WOULD benefit from being lowered a bit.

Now, go take your Midol, and maybe hang out
with the other girls.


You really need to relax...

Again, as I stated earlier, just my .02

Don't want to hurt any feelings or "gang up" on anybody.


p.s. Sorry to hear about your Mom.

Times are tough, and people will do anything to make a buck these days... ;)
Wow - seems like you're the one who had a nerve touched.

Do you see the "smilie" faces in my post?? Do you see the clever simpsons picture??

Don't take it so hard, chum, I didn't.

:):):):):):) <---- Additional smilie faces so you won't get bent out of shape.


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Why did you even bother to post?

If this is how you are gonna react in the world of automotive forums...

Good luck.

Not sure who sells 'em, but I suggest you buy yourself
some thicker skin. :)

Seriously. ;)
I stand by my assessment.

I asked a question about the RMS suspension, got some replies about my tires, and said you guys were jackholes for not answering the question. As near as I can tell, this type of ribbing occurs all the time on this board (and in real life). Take a look at the MISK section for examples of this.

You, apparantly, got REALLY bent out of shape. I think you better get the thick skin.

GWS, Stewart's mangina.

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Navy Lifer - now that's an informative post!

I would have thought with lowering and a positive caster angle of 3.5+ degrees, the wheel would actually move slightly more rearward into the fender well since the axis of the top of the spring in relation to perfectly verticle is tilted rearward? While lowering would help the tire better fill the square opening of the RMS fender, it would still be slightly off center. New springs would push the wheel forward slightly, but increase the gap all the way around (see Goldmaster's pictures). If that's incorrect, let me know.

I had an alignment done roughly one year ago, and aside from some toe issues and a worn idler arm (which I replaced) it was set up right. Since then, I see no odd tire wear, so I don't believe anything is worn or out of spec. I also know the car has never been involved in an accident. With the current setup, short of dialing in neutral or negative caster (not an option for any type of handling), it does appear to be a "live and let live" issue due to everything you pointed out.

Thanks again - I appreciate it.
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