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SoFASST 25th anniversary

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October 16....TY PARK pavilion 1.....12pm....SoFASST 25TH party....lets get ramped up....ALL B BODIES, INC, WAGONS.....mark your calendars,will be catered,more details will be coming .
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Ok here is more info for the party:

Our 25th Anniversary Party will be catered by Mission BBQ. They will have pulled pork, chicken and lean brisket. Our sides are Mac and cheese and green beans. We will have corn bread. Drinks are lemonade and tea. We are projecting 50 folks but we need to have an RSVP if you plan to attend so we can adjust the food requirements. Contact Mike Lukens at [email protected] if you plan to attend and the number in your party. I will acknowledge every RSVP so if you don't hear back from me, contact me again. This is a free meal for all those attending.....the only cost is $1.50 to go through the gate at TY Park.....which by the way is west of I-95 on Sheridan.

I have been told there will be NO glass containers of any kind. I will say there will be NO rap crap of any kind!!! Beer and wine are allowed but NO hard liquor. Also NO display of any weapons!! The meal will be served at 1pm by staff from Mission BBQ. I am working on some free give aways....if someone else wants to donate some items they will be welcomed.

This invitation is for all previous, current and wanna be B-body owners, wagon owners, and Impala lovers.

Come join us on October 16th at TY Park Pavilion #1. Hard to believe we have been around for 1/4 Quarter of a Century but here we are!!!!!

Semper Fi

Mike Lukens
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