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GM installed these on the 96 Caprice 9C1 police cars which allowed you to use the stronger 5/8" lower ball joint (stock was 9/16). They were a hot mod back in the day, but have been discontinued for over a decade. These are brand new, never mounted, still have assembly lube where the spindles were pressed into the knuckles. Still wrapped in anti-oxidation paper (I re-wrapped them after taking pictures). Threads and races are brand new. Still in original GM boxes from Pontiac, MI.

$140 each plus shipping or $250 plus shipping for both. My pay pal is joel _ banyai (at) hot mail dot com if you want to claim them, then figure out shipping later. Include fees if you want buyer protection, otherwise just friends and family.

SHIPPING: You figure out the rate with your carrier, then buy the labels and send them to me. Not trying to be a jerk, but I don't have time to run 50 quotes. Box dimensions are 11 x 12 x 15 inches, 19 lbs each. Shipping is from Huntsville, AL 35802. I will ship to Canada and you can handle the customs (aka 'free' Canadian Healthcare) fees when you buy the shipping labels. USPS and Fedex are my preferred carriers but can also do UPS or uship.

GM 18021377 LH, and 18021378 RH.

Apologies if the pics are large.

Right Side:


Left side:
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