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Something better in Sway bars

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Nolathane has finally listened. F+R new sway bars, solid 35 mm. Much better than any 1 3/8" hollow bars, like Hellwig, Hotchkis and QA 1.
Finally, a set that ignores the OEM understeer inclined delta with the same diameter and construction F+R.
Nolathane REV003.0182
Australian company, front available now, rear soon to follow. I've been harassing them for exactly this for too long.

It has been decades since a 1 3/8" solid front bar has been available new. With the Pro-Touring F body Sway Bar Brace
75-81 2CF-842 $109.00
also fits 78-96 impala

it is every bit as roll resistant as a 1 7/16" solid would be if it ever existed.
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Funny how few people ever mention the brakes on the Corvair.
Nothing special in brake parts, all weight distribution.
Nothing special at all, and exactly the same as on any other Chevy. Except I noticed they'd stuck the fronts on the back. And the backs on the front. Mind-blowing for a young kid.

I drove the 64 Corvair for years,it was one of the fastest stopping best handling cars in America at that was FUN!
All mine were the IRS gen. And yep, there's been nothing ever more actual 'funner' to just drive around than my 140horse 4sp.. Not even the '69 C3 base 350 4sp. several years later.
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