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Something better in Sway bars

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Nolathane has finally listened. F+R new sway bars, solid 35 mm. Much better than any 1 3/8" hollow bars, like Hellwig, Hotchkis and QA 1.
Finally, a set that ignores the OEM understeer inclined delta with the same diameter and construction F+R.
Nolathane REV003.0182
Australian company, front available now, rear soon to follow. I've been harassing them for exactly this for too long.

It has been decades since a 1 3/8" solid front bar has been available new. With the Pro-Touring F body Sway Bar Brace
75-81 2CF-842 $109.00
also fits 78-96 impala

it is every bit as roll resistant as a 1 7/16" solid would be if it ever existed.
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Oh, that's good, but it's expensive given that the front bar alone is the same as the combined cost of the BMR front and back bars.

The last time I messaged them, it seemed like DMR wasn't making any more sedan variations, and it's pretty much impossible to find anymore. Would they be prepared to look into DMR-style triangulation braces?
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