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I bought his "winter Beater" 1994 9C1. At a KILLER PRICE, might I add... and I mean KILLER... This car cost less than a set of Budget headers!! :eek:

Nice driving car, but the paitn HAD seen better days. Exactly as he said it was, and he even threw in some extra parts to fix a brake issue, and 2 more hub caps. I still can't believe the smokin' deal I got on a runing, and DRIVING 9C1, with only 90,000 miles on the dealer replaced engine and trans(for the Police department, that didn't want clown vis). The front suspension feels like it has WAY less than the 171k, that the odometer, sometimes likes to show.

Had fun talking with him about his 12.** ET Caprice, VHT, and other stuff.

I wish we had more guys like this!! Overall, a real grade A seller, and up front guy.

Gets an A-, as he wouldn't give me the other 9C1 too!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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