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I just checked their website and checked their vacuum gauges.

It appears they are electronic and not mechanical. When I say mechanical - a gauge containing a curled bourdon tube attached to a gear mechanism and indicator needle. And they operate exactly like a mechanical pressure gauge; increase the pressure the tube tends to straighten out, lower the pressure and the tube curls up more - both based on zero pressure being static/ambient pressure.

The above said, Speedhut's are electronic, meaning an electrical sending unit on the engine sending an electrical signal to an electronic gauge receiving unit.

Send it back for a replacement as it sounds that it is 'tits up' from what you have described.

Gotta say, damn expensive gauges; nice looking but expensive. When it comes to vacuum though I'd stick with mechanical - bourdon tube type gauge and 1/16 or 1/8 inch tubing.

Good luck - or good 'suck'......?
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