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This has been an ongoing problem with my '93 Fleetwood Brougham, but its getting worse. Around 12-15 mph (which is my usual speed I take on my driveway, which is about .3 long) and at these speeds, my speedometer will read: 15, 31, 8, 16, 24, 36, 5, 12, 17 until I get above 15 or so or below 12 mph. Most recently, when doing this my traction light will illuminate, you can hear what sounds like the ABS pump activating and when I go the other way, I can feel the ABS through the pedal. Then there are times when I am coming back home, when I top my hill and slow back down as I turn, I hear a "bump bump bump" noise from the back of the car for a couple of seconds. Also, now more often on all turns I make from a stop, the pedal will kick back up on me and this is happening more and more often. *The anti-lock light is not coming on when all of this is going on.

Does this sound like a faulty speed sensor and could that be related to the traction assist and ABS going nuts on me?

I looked up on Autozone for parts and it lists transmission speed sensor and a vehicle speed sensor and they both look different from the pics shown. I am not sure what the difference is or which could be my issue. *Someone on the Cadillac forum suggested it could be the vehicle speed sensor. Just looking for a little more info.

As much as I hate to, I may have to sell this car soon (or trade) and I want to try to get it back in perfect shape before letting it go or have it right even if I end up keeping it.

Thanks in advance!

*Also, my blower for the HVAC blows out very little air... wondering if the blower could be going bad? The car only has 119K miles, but guess that dont really mean much.

Thanks again!
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