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So, finally, I got some grey carpet from home depot (its for boats :D )and pulled my car in the garage last night, and got to work.
The fourth stereo install is done! Man its Sa-Weeet. I have no pics online yet (of course, a sweet finished project and no pics hehe)

the setup is like this: I have 2 sidepanel boxes with 2 "old" fosgate DVC 10"s (the 3rd is now in my truck :D ) then I have "knockoff HOTSS trunk kit" peices that I made, that Have the amps on them. Left side is an alpine "flex 4 (4channel for components) and the Right side is the kenwood 600w (for the subs) Then I covered the floor, and all the peices with a nice charcoal indoor/outdoor carpet. Finally I can Retain the use of my spare (in the stock location too!) that used to not fit with my previous stereo setup!

Its also at least twice as light for goin' fast

on a scale of 1-10, this project was a 2 beer evening. :D
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