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Spindle Core buy back

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Hi All,

Due to the lack of new front spindles today from GM all kit sales from here forward will require a refundable $300 core charge be applied to the sale. We did this for years and it works well but it's a bit of an inconvenience..I'm sorry.

For anyone who has stock front spindle cores they would like to sell, TCE will pay you $100 per pair for them and supply the necessary UPS shipping label to get them here. I simply need to put some on the shelf.

If you have a pair in your garage you'd like to part with please contact me vial phone or email. I will send a call tag to you (emailed) for shipping. You will need to reasonably box them up (pair per box) and once received here if they are in acceptable condition (no spindle thread or ball joint boss damages) you will receive a check back for $100.

I'd like to get my hands on perhaps 10 pair.

[email protected]
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WTB: Spindles

On the hunt again for suitable spindles.

Anyone have some?
Are you interestd in only 5/8" spindles or are you taking the 9/16" units as well?
I have one set of 5/8 at this this time.

I need the standard or 9/16 for most purchases. Doing the larger forces folks to look for lower control arms also.
I have a set i just took of my 93 wagon. They only gave 44k original miles on them. If still interested
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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