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Spring options for a Fleetwood

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Ok so I looooove cushy feel of floating down the road, but man, my wagon feels like a porsche in the corners compared to the FW......

I do have a set of 9C1 springs about, but somewhere in my distant past I heard of folks putting SS springs in too.

Would the SS springs drop the ride height? If so, assuming I'd need different shocks too. Any other considerations?

I see a set of used ones in the FS section and am considering.....
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96 Black, out of curiosity do you recall which Bilsteins you were running? I'm planning a similar setup but can't figure out which version I'd be better off running. I recently got my hands on some low mileage Impala SS factory coils and low mileage Fleetwood FE2 factory coils. I plan to put the SS coils up front and the FE2 coils in the rear, along with Bilstein shocks, Airlift 1000 bags in the rear, and probably Hotchkis sway bars front and rear. Eventually I'll also do tubular control arms, but that probably won't be in the budget until a later time.

My only issue is there are two different shocks that work on these cars and I don't know what other Fleetwood guys have used. Most Impala guys seem to like the 1104/0929 combo, but I'm wondering if I'd prefer the 1516/1517 combo. Especially since it's a "daily" driver, I don't want to be crazy stiff. Also it seems the 1517 has a longer travel meant for cars with rear skirts to make tire changes easier, and with the added height of the FE2 coils it might make sense as well to have the longer travel.

From other threads on here it appears the 1516/1517 shocks are progressive meaning they're cushier at low speeds, small bumps, and some people don't like the floatiness of them, but I figure I can tune that to my preference with the addition of the air bags back there. Like I said, wondering which ones you used and what your thoughts are.
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Appreciate the response to my question. Now I have another one, I was reading through one of the old suspension stickies and I'm wondering if I made an "oopsie" on my spring choices. I swear there's a thread that covers this but I'll be darned if I can find it right now. Based on what I recently acquired, I plan to put low mileage, factory SS coils in the front, and low mileage, factory FE2 coils in the rear. But the sticky I was looking at stated that the FE2s were a step up in stiffness from the SS. I thought that SS, FE2 and 9C1 coils are all relatively identical in stiffness. Or was I mistaken and would I be better off with 9C1 rear coils (assuming I can find a good, low mileage pair)?
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