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Spring options for a Fleetwood

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Ok so I looooove cushy feel of floating down the road, but man, my wagon feels like a porsche in the corners compared to the FW......

I do have a set of 9C1 springs about, but somewhere in my distant past I heard of folks putting SS springs in too.

Would the SS springs drop the ride height? If so, assuming I'd need different shocks too. Any other considerations?

I see a set of used ones in the FS section and am considering.....
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I recently swapped out my springs on the 96 Fleetwood, since I was looking for a lower stance. The floatiness had me all over my lane also. I went with a recommendation from a member on another forum who had a wagon. I'll post the Moog part numbers. The ride is firmer for sure, but not harsh at all. The stiffness in the progressive springs you can definitely feel with going over large bumps, and helps with sagging when loaded up.

Front Moog 5662 and Rear CC501
Paid just over $100 for all of them!
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That would be... this guy with this wagon.

Hello from the other side.
Thanks again! Totally loving it
There are heavy duty stock shocks that have an external spring around them. Not sure of the part number. I don't think it is a commercial chassis part but it could be.
I just put those shocks on about 4 days ago. Gabriel Load Carriers are the ones I used with the external spring wrapped around the shock.
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