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Spring options for a Fleetwood

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Ok so I looooove cushy feel of floating down the road, but man, my wagon feels like a porsche in the corners compared to the FW......

I do have a set of 9C1 springs about, but somewhere in my distant past I heard of folks putting SS springs in too.

Would the SS springs drop the ride height? If so, assuming I'd need different shocks too. Any other considerations?

I see a set of used ones in the FS section and am considering.....
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thanks, i wondered about SS springs in the rear as the 'wood is a little more portly back there, lol. Funny thing is I know I have 9c1 fronts, I think I have 9c1 rears somewhere I pulled off a 96 that got parted (have the rear), just don't know where I put them... I also have wagon cargo coils but that'd stick her rear way up in the air, lol.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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