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Spring options for a Fleetwood

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Ok so I looooove cushy feel of floating down the road, but man, my wagon feels like a porsche in the corners compared to the FW......

I do have a set of 9C1 springs about, but somewhere in my distant past I heard of folks putting SS springs in too.

Would the SS springs drop the ride height? If so, assuming I'd need different shocks too. Any other considerations?

I see a set of used ones in the FS section and am considering.....
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Appreciate the response to my question. Now I have another one, I was reading through one of the old suspension stickies and I'm wondering if I made an "oopsie" on my spring choices. I swear there's a thread that covers this but I'll be darned if I can find it right now. Based on what I recently acquired, I plan to put low mileage, factory SS coils in the front, and low mileage, factory FE2 coils in the rear. But the sticky I was looking at stated that the FE2s were a step up in stiffness from the SS. I thought that SS, FE2 and 9C1 coils are all relatively identical in stiffness. Or was I mistaken and would I be better off with 9C1 rear coils (assuming I can find a good, low mileage pair)?
For B-bodies, all have same stiffness other than FE1 and wagon rears.
D-bodies on the other hand have different stiffness from B-bodies
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