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Okay, I'm in the market to buy some new springs all the way around. I have searched and searched, there is just tooooo much information. Can someone just make it a little easy for people like myself? I want to drop the car. Right now I have the Eibachs on the car. I like them, but always looking for something better. I have seen many threads about people talking about Hotchkis, Intrax, Sprint, Global West, Belltech, S.T., and H&R.

For the people that know about the Eibach, it has a rough ride. I love the stance of the Eibachs, but I am thinking about leveling the car. I would like to soften the ride, but also have the performance handling. What is recommended and are there any pics posted with what the car looks like with factory rims and tires?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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