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Hello everyone, I have a 1996 impala. I just had my spark plugs, wires , and fuel filter changed yesterday at a shop, My car only has 38000 miles but the car is over 10 years old and i felt it didnt have the get up and go feeling from a dead stop. My tires would not spin when I punch the accelerator. So some guys on this forum suggested i change the plugs, wires, and fuel filter. So today i am driving and when I was coming to a stop the car stated sputtering. It would not die just sputterd. My engine light kept flashing then would stay on then flash again. I called the mechanic and he told me one of the wires must have come loose, anyways he is gonna check it out monday. But after tune up when the car was running good i still could not spin my tires from a dead stop. Is this normal for a stock impala? All i have done to the car is flowmasters, drop in k&n filter. Thanks in advance.
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You may be getting a misfire cel (idk much about obd2) which a wire coming loose at the dist. or plug would cause. About the spinning, do you mean from a dead stop, or foot braking it? If its from a dead stop, your posi is probably still good. With the high stock 3.08 gears and nothing else, it should hook. Imo spinning isnt winning...
Thanks for your input Diggm95.
Get your code read at Autozone if you have one close. A flashing CEL is usually a misfire like was said above. Hopefully it's not a random misfire code because it can tell you exactly which cylinder is misfiring otherwise. Hope this helps.
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