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Last friday I took my modified 96 SS to Summit-Point Raceway in WVA for a driving performance class.

My 96 has a Ramit, Hooker catback exahust, HO front & rear sway bars, Hotchkis trailing arms, stiff Bilsteins, and the body bushing upgrade.

The handling was OUTSTANDING! Very tight, level and neutral. The three times the SS oversteered was because of my throttle input. Too sudden and late out of the turns.

The track has a nice straight away where I was able to get up to 110 mph. However, turn 1 at the end of the straight is pretty much a "U" turn, so I backed off of the throttle and applied the brakes sooner than the instructor wanted.

By the last session, I had great confidence in the handling ability of the SS. I was able to take a corkscrew turn at over 80 mph with no problems.

I was real fun and educational. I highly recommend it. Their web address is:
Look under BSR, Inc.


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Cool! I just found out about a autocross club in my area with a couple of SS's running in it. They provide instructional driving and a novice class to get you started. Nice site to check out I plan to check out their next event.


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Cape Coral, FL :)
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