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i got my SScene Mag. and it came with double of the same pages, i need to know how many pages were in the latest issues and what am i missing.

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There are 22 pages, not counting the cover(s).

If you do not find that to be the case, contact Heather, let her know of your situation, and she'll make it right.

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Heather Who?? Contact info please.
Mine was botched also
missing pages from 10-16, duplicate pages7-8-9 17-18-19-20

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"Heather Who?? Contact info please."

Hi Phil:

That will be Heather from ISSCA. She can be contacted at the main office

Impala SS Club of America
433 Kitty Hawk Drive
Suite 113
Universal City, TX 78148

US Telephone:

or you can IM her from the following post:;f=30;t=000154

She is awesome and will take care of you right away.

Take care, I hope this helps.

Chino :cool:
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