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Any clue who is gonna be puttin it together next year?
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Jim Bishop asked if evryone was ready for 10 next year at the awards ceremony and the answer was a resounding YES!. The MM guys have taken over registration, website and shirt duties the last couple of years and Gassit has been using the race license to procure the the track for the event.
Last i checked there IS a car show in the lot ALL DAY LONG and trophies were handed out for best in show, best engine, etc.
this year there 2 heads up categories and, while i love watching the big dogs run, the 10.90 index cars would or could have been virtually the same class. i'm not sure how you can say that bracket racing is boring when the whole set up comes down to the driver nailing the tree and car running what you say, no BS. all else being equal both cars should cross the line at almost the same time. i've had races where i didn't know who won til i got to the shack for my slip. how is that boring?
whatever happens i'll be attending my 10th next year. see y'all around the coolers. ;)
1 - 1 of 64 Posts
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