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Any clue who is gonna be puttin it together next year?
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As for next year I will be sadly dissappointed if theres not more heads up racing. Watching bracket racing is about as boring as watching grass grow.
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Paul and myself sponsored SSHS (especially Paul, he gave a lot of money many years) a few times, and whether I go or not I always send my $65 registration "donation". I have sponsored race classes etc.

As expected, Don L and the other n00bs above don't know any history of the event. No one bothers to find out what happened before they were there the first 8 years. LOL.

Don't get me wrong...The newbs above have some good ideas but the facts are we know what generally works/doesn't work. Plus the economy is down and people just can't/won't travel very far to make an event unless they are a diehard. Also, GASSIT and the FORD folks won't/don't want to draw another crowd just for the sake of drawing a crowd. We rather enjoy the small group of diehards. I guess none of you have ever been to a PINK ALL OUT but we have and it's a frickin zoo. Too many people, too many cars, too many aholes. And ONE breakdown can ruin everyones day. Don't get me wrong, those days are fun but for this where people travel a long way to race and pay double the average track entrance fee you want the track to yourself. $65 is stiff to race.

The FACTS are: John broke, the Pig broke, Mikey H broke, Paul couldn't get his nitrous to work right, etc etc etc. Lot's of big names just couldn't get the planets to align right this year or it would have been a kickass SSHS as usual.

Geno - one of the reasons we don't invite "others" is because the track has to factor in breakage. We've been lucky most years but if you have others waiting to use the track and there are long delays (Myself and Big John almost hit the wall at SSHS6 or SSHS7 before they cleaned up the slick right lane - long ass delay) it will be a terrible day for all. People come a long way and pay a decent fee to race so they want full use of the track.

Car show - there is always a show, and as expected AT A RACE TRACK the participation is light because it's a RACE. INC was going to "take it ovah" but that never really panned out. If you want to run/organize a show, be more than welcome to step up to the plate but don't be surprised when you get minimal turnout for obvious reasons. Most people are there to see racing, not to kick tires.

These are all things discussed heavily in the past, and the way it is - well thats pretty much the way it is.

All ideas are great but most have been addressed/attempted in the past. If the forum hadn't gone south, we could refer you to those threads where it was discussed ad nauseum.

I do agree the only sure-fire way to make it better is to work at getting more cars to race, more attendees, more sponsors. But that has to be a grass roots kind of thing within the Chevy/Ford/Mopar community. Opening it up to outsiders will make this event something entirely different - which we never ever ever want.
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Sorry, I've only participated in the event 4 times and I'm not part of the old boys network.

I thought the point of this thread was to talk about the future and SSHS10? Is it really that big of an issue to let these guys toss out a few ideas?
1. sorry my bad - never saw you at any events - actually maybe I did - just didnt catch your name

2. read again what I wrote, I agreed with the noobs - just explained that they are trying to reinvent the wheel and gave them some history - maybe you missed the part where I said

Don't get me wrong...The newbs above have some good ideas
OK, then where did all the furds and dodgies come from?

How do you get up in the morning with that kind of attitude, boy?cwm1
I presumed you were mature enough to read my post and understand it better.

A. the Fords were there pretty much from the beginning with their LSC's and Crown Vics...before you even had an Imp. Disney Lincoln was an SSHS legend. And Mopar didn't have a car to compete with until recently. Now with all the Mopar heavy cars and the Marauders we finally had someone to beat up on.

What's your point?

Ford took it over because GASSIT is like the rest of the country - been there, done that, let someone else run it now.

B. I get up in the morning with the attitude that has got me through life. If you get lemons, make lemonade but BE REALISTIC in your goals and your understanding of what the situation is. We've tried everything under the sun for 9 years for SSHS and again: IT IS WHAT IT IS.

The diehard guys - the ones who run it and promote it - would all like a better turnout but not at the expense of changing the theme. Which is why the B-Body community voted down ISSCA wanting to bring in newer Impala's, which is why the community doesn't cater to newer Impala's on this forum, and which is why we go it alone a lot. The B-Body community has spoken (many times) and they don't want outsiders.

Gene this doesn't mean I don't agree with you - it just means those are the facts. I don't have a particularly strong feeling either way. On the one hand, how many stock black Impala's can I look at, right? Lets mix it up! But on the other hand, do I really give a rats ass about a 2004 GTO or Marauder?

For whatever reason, B-Body owners like going it alone, and it would appear the Marauder/Ford guys are that way too. They like their "members only" event. Everything else caters to Camaro's/Mustangs/Vettes/Firebirds etc. And there are so many new Mopars they have their own thing.

Lot's of other orgs have come along and failed - look up NOPI - because it tried to be everything to everyone.

The car show part of SSHS will always be just that - a small car show in the middle of a DRAG RACING EVENT. The two just don't mix. Even here at ETown they get a very small turnout for car shows when there is a race going on. That's just the way it is. The groups don't, in general, attract each other to the other groups events.

Bottom line is right now our cars are at their lowpoint for many reasons: Age (they will start coming back up in value in 5 years or so), Economy, Been-there-done-that attitude, and newer youngsters who would rather bling an Impala than race it, etc etc. Again, I don't have a problem with it, it is what it is.

It doesn't mean I don't think we can make it better - but like I said it has to be grass roots. We need B-Body members to encourage other B-Body members to show up and get involved. That's the only way the event will get bigger.

We used to get 300+ Impala SS's alone at StLoo in 2000 and 2002 and now if we get 150 cars including Caddy's, RM's, 9C1's, wagons, etc we are lucky.

B-Body owners (and it would appear Marauder guys) LIKE having our own little exclusive club. So we need to make it bigger, stronger, better from within. Inviting outside orgs will only weaken it and dilute it and pretty soon it will no longer be about heavy sleds being insanely pushed to their limits on the track.
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I think you need to figure out what SSHS really 'is' and why people show up year after year. Why not ask the attendees? I think you’ll get a wide variety of answers, but somewhere there is a common thread. When you can describe the SSHS, then you can figure out if it can be promoted.

On the surface it is a drag race for 4000 pound cars. But I don’t think that’s enough to bring people back year after year.

It’s an annual get together for ISSF members.
It’s a chance to beat on the Marauders.
It’s a chance to race another 12 sec. Impala SS.
It’s a reunion of old friends.
It’s a parking lot party.

What does a G8, GTO, Camaro, Challenger guy see in that list that would interest him? The chance to have their new car embarrassed by a thirteen year old four door.

Personally, I think it has more to do with social experience and less to do with the actual race. We caravan down, share meals, drinks and laugh. You can’t sell tickets to that kind of experience.
Well said Don. You hit the nail on the head.

That's why I say it is what it is and can basically only grow from within.
With the national club event now dead
Excuse me?

Stay tuned for some news, and keep September 26-28 open on your calendars.
I definitely hope that SSHS10 is a go. 2NASSTY survived a long and nasty divorce and this big b$ is running strong. My goal is to drive it from Florida to Commerce, run 9's, and drive it back on it's own power or on a trailer.

I miss the Impala community and I absolutely still love these Rides.

Chett, is that you?
Wow, I meant to reply to this a long time ago but I guess it must have slipped my mind.

I haven't attended any SSHS's, or any other racing events, or any B-Body car show for that matter. Closest thing have been car shows local here and only seeing one single 96 dcm imp with about 55k original miles and it looking like it just rolled out of the factory. I felt like a fool being the only person talking with the guy about our cars but I could tell he was proud of keeping it.

I would love to attend SSHS10, but to be honest my car is definitely in no shape to race. For now, the car is just a reliable DD that I try to get any major work done to keep it at that. I have small leaks that definitely need to be attended to before even rolling onto a track. I have zero drag racing experience, but would love to learn at some point.

I chat with you guys on here, admire your rides and help with the occasional maintenance tip to first-timers. But with school and work taking control of any and all free time, I am stuck just sitting back and looking at pictures you all take. Once I graduate next June, I definitely will push everything to the side to make SSHS11, if it is held.

It would be nice to finally meet some of the guys that I have talked to on here and have some fun. Just out of curiosity, what do you guys think my reliable 4.3 would run on the track? Open 2.73 factory diff with no drag racing experience? A built LT1 and rear is in store in the future at some point, hopefully in the near future.

Sorry for the long boring reply, guys. Just going through the racing section and ISSCA sections since the SScene mag link was just posted. I hope to be more present at these events in the future.

Have a good 'un!
16.6 at 88
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