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Any clue who is gonna be puttin it together next year?
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I was there for the first time. Will go again next year and run. Did not run this year due to possibly breaking the car and not getting home. 1500 miles is a long walk pushing a car "Up North":D
What we need is to get more people involved by getting them to show up.
Wow, I guess the one time show uppers know what to do. I guess the last 9 years have been a joke.
I am not saying it is an easy thing to do. I did not make the last eight time before due to deaths, work, and other life's unexpectancies. So back-off. If you don't want my input say so.
Sorry, I've only participated in the event 4 times and I'm not part of the old boys network.

I thought the point of this thread was to talk about the future and SSHS10? Is it really that big of an issue to let these guys toss out a few ideas?
I thought the same too. One reason (possibly) for low turn out an such is that people have either sold there cars,& no longer interested in them like they were.
Look at your club membership. Is it down or is it up compared to 4-5 years ago? Ours is down. We used to have at least 12 or more die-hard racers that raced monthly just to do it.

Maybe we should do more for the show & expand that area. We can still do the racing. The die-hards will always come for that. You might get more attendance for the show than for racing. It seems our cars are being used more for showing nowadays because of the people buying them.
Use the show & shine or whatever to lure them in & use the racing to fill in on the back side. You will always have a turn out for racing.
I agree w/Gene. Promotion is the best way & getting more sponsors. I am sure there are sponsors out there. We just have to find them.
A commitee? Not a bad idea. Just need people to commit there time.
1 - 5 of 64 Posts
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