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SSHS12 - Southern Super Heavyweight Shootout - Sat. Nov. 3rd Atlanta Dragway

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Sshs 12??


From Don L.: I've taken the lead and and I'm running the Southern Super Heavy Shootout this year. You'll notice a few changes in the classes and there will be a few more T&T cars than in the past. The event website is up at

You asked for this event, now I need you to follow thru and register.
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I can drum up inter-web chatter, I think a focused effort will help.

Any of the TBSS guys in to chat this up on or

I am registered at, can chat up LS1 GTO, G8 forums, LS1 tech, and the aforementioned perf trucks and trailvoy.. I don't speak MOPAR, but can learn if needed.
I'll even the Crossfire club for some exhibition runs if they use some BK ballast (to be fair beertestr ballast would help too) to get over 4k..

So we have an SSHS committee? IF so, please add me to the dist.


Muncie sounds colder, but closer.. but MWSHS maybe? It's further north than Cecil! :D
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I'd be game for Fayetteville. I got kin in Charlotte and Jacksonville.

It's still south, and it's an hour closer to Deeeeeetroit.
I made posts to LS1tech,, and

If any of you belong to these forums, talk the event up. We need participation to keep SSHS alive.
I'm not going to be able to attend, since I'll be out of the country if it's on the same weekend it always is, but I'll throw a $100 towards registration or piss ant level sponsorship either way. is the forum to get the word out on for the TBSS guys. There are a lot of racers in that group and it's a very active forum. Actually Mike, you'll be a celebrity on there if you out yourself.
Just registered to Are you Erik there too? I'm RunswScissors.

EDIT: tried to register, got told I was on a list of spammers... that's a new one for me..
Yes that is the one.
Cool, I was called a spammer and not allowed to register..

I have contacted the G8forums admin, and the Cherokee SRT8 Admin. I have not heard from either, but I am going to post new threads today.
Registered, and representin' the disco era..
I called out a few local Pontiac GXPs and GTOs. There are usually over 1000 cars going to Caffeine and Octane show in Alpharetta the first Sunday of every month. I am sure handing out a few flyers would generate lots of local interest.
Brow beat them. Web chatter on my posts to and g8forums has been practically non existent .

Call them pussies, kick them in the nads...

Figuratively speaking of course..

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Just a suggestion..

If you lowered the minimum weight requirement to 3800lb.
You might get a pile more cars wanting to come.

My 2 Cents


You have TBSS's, B-Bodies, G8's, GTO's squeaking in if the driver like beer (3800# curb), Every damn V8 late model MOPAR, Silverado's, the bigger muscle cars.. they all can get in at 4000 min..

besides, 2 tons of fun has a ring to it. .... just don't put a ring <ON> two tons of fun... unless you like that sort of thing and need heat in the winter, shade in the summer. :D
Thought We Were Supposed To Pre Register Here To Show Support For The Cause ??????:confused::confused::confused:

All Weekend & We Can't Even Get A Bump On This Thread PAGE !!!!!!:confused::confused::confused:

Some Sure Talk A Big Game , But Other's SHOW UP & Participate !!!!!!

We have a bunch of b-cars signed up. I think you need to start stirring the pot on other boards. I'll post links to the treads i started on other websites like ls1tech, performancetrucks, camaro5, g8 forums, jeepsrt8.

Promoting on the ssforum is a little like preaching to the choir. I wanna run some Camaros, Heeps, Gates(G8), etc...

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Here's the links to the threads I have started.. start posting on these to see if we can get some LS-powered pansies out there. According to one guy the turbo 5.3L's are going to take over the event..


Performance Trucks. One poster thought inviting the Deeezil guys would be interesting. I'm inclined to agree.

I have a SRT-8 Jeep one going too, just gotta find it. If anybody has some clout on yellowbullet, post up there too. Anybody on the Diesel websites? Post there! We gotta get the word out!.

If anybody else has some posts going on other boards, post the links. Let's sh!ttalk up some races!..
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One more link on Yellowbullet. Lots of views, not comments.

Post up to this and the other links I posted to get some chatter. 47 cars is good, 100 is the goal, right?
Anyone know what the real-world curb weight of a newer model slushbox Mustang GT would be? That is my Plan C if the first two options (Camaro SS, Challenger RT) aren't available. I'm getting a lot of variance in the weight of the Mustangs on various websites, wondering if anyone had any for sure numbers :confused:

I figure I will probably have to add a little but some sites are claiming 3500 which I don't think my skinny ass will make up for :) And I'm really trying to avoid the Grand Marquis.

Also if they only have convertibles what are the track requirements for those? Or should I just avoid that at all costs? says 3625 for a slushbox gt.. So you and a dead hooker in the trunk should get you to race weight.... ********

***** Author does not endorse/promote/assist-in-the allocation of hookers, dead or alive.. dead hooker is one method of ballast, sandbags, or other inert, useless objects....... like a democrat.

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The MISSL crew is gassing up at Camp Washington Chili in Cincinnati.... we'll fill up the trucks too! We are a good 3-4 hours ahead of our typical schedule..

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MISSL is checked into the Comfort Suites.We rolled in about 6:30 this morning, already had some WAFFLE HOUSE and a 3 hour nap, stopped by the track for some pics (too dark)...

The official MISSL "wheredafukizerrbody?" Team Picture....

Now what?
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What are yall doing tonight? I haven't met many of yall in person. I live about 35 minutes from the track.
Strong chance there will be some people parking lot drinkin... which hotel is tbd, but I will state that the comfort suites is a quick stumble to the Sonic next door...

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RJ and I are still rolling North and about 1.5 hours from home, but I just relinquished the steering wheel for the first time today.

I had a freakin blast.. i ran BD, Pro Street, 12.0 and Heavy eliminator. I made 2 rounds in Heavy and then slept at the tree. Made it to finals in Pro Street and 12.0, semis in BD..

Car ran awesome Almost all day. During test and tune I finally broke my 11 second cherry and squeezed out an [email protected] .... there were several close runs, 12.036 12.07..... but after remembering that I left my toolbox my tackle box of electrical stuff, and my other carburetor in the trunk, i shed enough to get to the 11's. This is still with 1.74-ish 60's so there's still more to come.. The car was going over the scales at 4035-4020 depending on how much gas I had, and if I farted..

Ran Big dog semis against the black blown challenger and got a nice jump on him off the line with a 0.269 RT to his 0.463 but he got me at the end with a nice 11.88.

Something odd happened in the re-run with Rob Hamilton in the 12.0 semis. Our first run was bad since the tree went Sportsman not Pro, on the second one i had to peddle it off the line... I am pretty sure it was that run when things got weird. ..

I stopped in the pits to check the tire pressure and adjusted them to my morning pressure, the heat of the day moved the pressure up 2# so i bled it off .

I staged for Pro Street and did a big ol burnout, lined up... and the car went Tea Party.. shot hard to the right toward the center divider.. lost Pro street to the gentleman with the blown Marauder. He was running dead nuts 11.40's all day but it would have been a fun race.

I hot lapped back for the 12.0 finals and made a quick pit to change my pressure back and lined up to the black blown Challenger for 12.0 ... i snuck around him and took the right lane, thinking something might be up with the left. I had spun and gone right in the left lane in my two previous runs. We lined up and the car went harder to the right.

So, something is up with the axle. I had some odd burnout behavior all day so hopefully its just the Eaton needing TLC.

So, runner up in 12.0 and Pro Street is what I earned . Not bad for never running a Pro Tree before... or racing heads up ever before.

I also took home the Most Time Slips plaque with 22 runs.

Thanks to Don and the sponsors for the event.
Thanks to Stumpy for the coaching and the case of Yeungling...err... Pennsylvania Pabst..

Thanks to Rob for bringing down the entertainment ;)

The parking lot was a little entertaining, but Jose used his Jedi mind tricks to bring that to a close. My dumb ass said all the wrong things to diffuse the situation.

Thanks to everybody that the Beertestr mooched beers off of, and apologies to those I did not have time talk to at the track.

Vids after i have a chance to load/ edit them.

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Who has my BGSU bottle opener?
Trying to remember whose cooler it got strapped to... I'm thinking Rob's? I remember the contents of the cooler... Corona, Bud Light Lime.....

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My car going anti-Ricky-Bobby..

Yeah, youtube is not working the same embedding the viewer..
EDIT: Click your original link, copy the full URL in the address bar (which is then delete the "&" off the end of it, so you have just "watch?v=mqf02v8jebc" at the end of the youtube link. I am not sure why but the forum does not link any link with "" in the URL even if it is at the end of it.

Got it.. Youtube used to have a "long link" option, that worked for me.. Something telsl me that the ISSF might not like the bandwidth hit.. nice workaround Blake..

Now... anybody have a vid of the 12.0 final and the Pro Street final OUTSIDE of the car?
Why'd you let off?!
Said the armchair driver... hear the squeal of my front tires? Steering was pretty ineffective. I had quite a bit of left turn cranked in to no avail, and "objects on camera were closer than they appear"..

I was hoping some footage was taken outside the car on the run I posted (12.0 final), but nothing has popped up yet. It did something similar on the Pro Street final a few mins beforehand.

Real answer... my vag made me do it..
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