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SSHS12 - Southern Super Heavyweight Shootout - Sat. Nov. 3rd Atlanta Dragway

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Sshs 12??


From Don L.: I've taken the lead and and I'm running the Southern Super Heavy Shootout this year. You'll notice a few changes in the classes and there will be a few more T&T cars than in the past. The event website is up at

You asked for this event, now I need you to follow thru and register.
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Glen, you better turn the nitrous on against Rafteseth this year! :)
I'd go with 150 off the line and 350 more after 2 seconds !!!

You can turn my knob after you get spanked! :)
The ImpalaMASTER wants to slay MOBY DICK in the 12.0 class!

The ImpalaMASTER wants to trap the Green Ratssled in the Outlaw class!

The ImpalaMASTER wants to EAT!
I think someone still owes me a dinner from a friendly wager at Cecil County....HOLESHOT FTW.
Maybe they'll let April get her rematch 8 mos. preg !!
If not, I'll run ya !!!
Hi Mark,

Did you run your car? Can we get some numbas ??? :)

There is a Hope Depot 1/4 mile from the track where I get sandbags! :)

Sam Sneed
I heard Big John won the Big Dog class as usual with an 8.90.
I don't know who he was running. I just heard it from Norm P. (Brown 9C1)

Got pics of Impala Race Car?

1 - 8 of 290 Posts
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