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SSHS12 - Southern Super Heavyweight Shootout - Sat. Nov. 3rd Atlanta Dragway

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Sshs 12??


From Don L.: I've taken the lead and and I'm running the Southern Super Heavy Shootout this year. You'll notice a few changes in the classes and there will be a few more T&T cars than in the past. The event website is up at

You asked for this event, now I need you to follow thru and register.
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Maybe we can use this to communicate and discuss? Let me know if you want to contribute and we'll add you.
Geno - When clicking this link, I get a message that "This content is not available".

FWIW - I think that this event needs to remain somewhere in the south if we want to cintinue to call it an SSHS event.
I am 100% IN if it is at Atlanta Dragway. I MIGHT be in at another venue depending on where.

If in ATL, I think that it is safe to say with at least 99% certainty that Bob Fandetti (Bobo) will be there. He has not missed one yet. He doesn't post on the forum.

I'd love for it to stay at Atlanta Dragway on the first Saturday in November as it has been for the last 10 years. But I understand that the economics of that track are potentially an issue.
Once the registration page is up, I'll register right away and start broadcasting on the Mopar and Maruader sites.
There is usually a bracket class at this event right? Doesn't matter how fast or slow you are in brackets :)

Might be in for this as i always wanted to make it to one of these. Just depends on timing
There are always at least 2 and sometimes 3 bracket classes at this event. Cars at any performance level are welcome. The slowest class usually has the most cars of any class at this event.
Looks like ATL drag strip is scheduled that weekend for some other activity AND it will be a minimum of $10K for the day.
Don said just yesterday that ATL was available and the cost was $7500. Did this change overnight???
In and registered.

The flyer looks great!

I also vote to keep the 4000# weight limit as-is.

OK, i just talked to Angie at Comfort Suites, (706) 336-0000. It's another football weekend so it's tough to get a deal at a Nice place. Normally they are $126/ night. she will hold at least a dozen rooms for 30 days (oct.11) at a rate of $99 / night only for 2 night stays. check in 11/2...check out 11/4. reference: Impala SS Club. What do you think?
I just booked rooms there. FYI, they only have 8 rooms left available for that weekend.
Sandbags are illegal weight for an NHRA or IRHA Tracks !
He doesn't add the sandbags until AFTER the technical inspection, so it is OK. ;)
Blake - Laura, Phil, Mal and I are booked at the Comfort Suites as well. The party is on. ;)
Loaded up and ready to roll. See you all at the track
Safe travels! I'll be rolling out around Noon tomorrow for my short 4-hour trip.
Got a Few videos. Not great ones and not many, but better than none. :D

Kenny Caniff wins King of the Hill. He also won in 2008. Is Kenny our first repeat winner?

One of the Big Dog Elimination rounds. Chris Woods in Big John's Badder Bowtie went low 9's on this pass. He went 8.90 at 156mph to a win in the final, but tht video did not turn out.

A 1st Gen Camaro runing test and tune at SSHS12:

A Pro-Mod running test & Tune at SSHS12:
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It wouldn't auto-embed the links that use the "" addresses, but did when I just copy/pasted the "" addresses from the browser address bar when posting the trailer burnout vid earlier. YMMV!
Hmmm... didn't work. See 1st link above (editted).
How did you get the light poles to dance around like that? Kinda spooky!
It was magic... or upper atmospheric winds that we didn't feel on the ground. :D

The Youtube page did some kind of "shakey video" cleanup. The raw video didn't do that, but it was more shakey. I don't think that I can undo it now.
Nice job, Rodney! So just how do you cut a perfect light in a 2.56-geared wagon? Do you leave on the 1st yellow light? :D
Blake - So what did you do? I couldn't get it to work for me either. Never had a problem before.
EDIT: Click your original link, copy the full URL in the address bar (which is then delete the "&" off the end of it, so you have just "watch?v=mqf02v8jebc" at the end of the youtube link. I am not sure why but the forum does not link any link with "" in the URL even if it is at the end of it.
Well, that's inconvenient. ;)

Thanks for the tip! I fixt my original links.
Very cool!
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