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SSHS12 - Southern Super Heavyweight Shootout - Sat. Nov. 3rd Atlanta Dragway

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Sshs 12??


From Don L.: I've taken the lead and and I'm running the Southern Super Heavy Shootout this year. You'll notice a few changes in the classes and there will be a few more T&T cars than in the past. The event website is up at

You asked for this event, now I need you to follow thru and register.
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Gene, Jim, John, whoever :)

Feel free to keep me in the loop with any plans if we can make it an Atl event. I can make a donation to assist in the track fees. Can also help sell shirts if at all possible. If shirts can get printed quickly we can always try and pre-sell them like way back when to help funds?

It kinda kills me to not see SSHS on the Atl Dragway schedule.
If in Atl I know myself and Tiff will both have our own cars so count us in for x2 participants. We can also bring in a handful of spectators as well.
I have a few locals who are probably not on the forum I can send notes to, to invite them, so I could possibly get another x1 or x2 participants.

I'm also on the local sportbike forums and can maybe rile up a few to show up for Run All Day lanes. I don't know a lot of guys that drag race but I could maybe talk a few roadracers into going to practice race starts.
Back in the day at SSHS there was a Ford Country Squire wagon that dominated running 18's!
SSHS-4!! Oh man that guy dominated everybody that year.

Notice the "Within budget" on the window... priceless!

He had a good sense of humor, I never noticed the "Call 911" upside down on the back of his car until now:

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Will be registering x2 vehicles here in the next few days.
Pirate Ship Racing officially a sponsor cwm4
I called out a few local Pontiac GXPs and GTOs. There are usually over 1000 cars going to Caffeine and Octane show in Alpharetta the first Sunday of every month. I am sure handing out a few flyers would generate lots of local interest.
Mark, if you make it out there to Caffeine and Octane let me know, Tiff and I have been wanting to make it out to that and we can help promote or pass out flyers.
Mark, make it happen. What do you need from me?
Flyers :D Or at least just a PDF or something that can be printed out.
I just booked rooms there. FYI, they only have 8 rooms left available for that weekend.
Just booked a room there at the Comfort Suites as well.
2 weeks out! Been pretty quiet! Hope that means everyone is busy getting ready!!!
Anyone know what the real-world curb weight of a newer model slushbox Mustang GT would be? That is my Plan C if the first two options (Camaro SS, Challenger RT) aren't available. I'm getting a lot of variance in the weight of the Mustangs on various websites, wondering if anyone had any for sure numbers :confused:

I figure I will probably have to add a little but some sites are claiming 3500 which I don't think my skinny ass will make up for :) And I'm really trying to avoid the Grand Marquis.

Also if they only have convertibles what are the track requirements for those? Or should I just avoid that at all costs?
WTF, Blake? Why not the Caprice? I was hoping to see you bang out some 12's in that thing!
I really wanted to but there are a couple maintenance things I need to take care of and I'm really not sure about running the Caprice after having it sit for two years. Nothing major has changed so I think I'll still be in the 13.0/13.1 range anyways.

Next year I am going all out, even if I have to trailer to Cecil to shake up the Class 6 standings ;)
Fayetteville is just as fast can make a shorter trip.
Sweet :) Will def be there next year
Just a heads up, we're staying at the Comfort Suites over the weekend. We plan on having a shindig Saturday night in the parking lot (as usual) to celebrate Tiff and me getting hitched this year! We will have CAKE! And I will have a supply of drinks too :) We also want to extend this to be a celebration of Rusty as well.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this year
Sorry you can't make it out Pat, I guess I will have to find another time to pick your brain and get your secrets :D Can't make it up there on the 17th but will try to make it up there sometime.
Don't tell my bride, but I claim my option to kiss the bride. :D
Congratulations, Blake! I'll take a rain check on the "kiss the bride" option :D
Hey now, we did get married in Vegas, so you really never know which one of us was the bride cwm3 :D
we tried to come up with a simplified judging sheet that will be fair to all.
I'm not able to view the link, shows up as blank when I try to view it...?
Heading out in a few mins. We'll be coming in a pair of rental Mopars :)

I also am bringing a few b-body spares, and OBD-I Datamater laptop if anyone needs any help tomorrow.

Had a great time. Treed my wife three times in a row in all of our grudge matches at the end of the day :D So now she has no room to talk for a whole year! The silence will be sweet!

Was great seeing a lot of familiar faces and meeting some new ones too. Hotel parking lot was great, never an SSHS without the cops coming out. Really glad everyone could hang out to remember Rusty and to celebrate Tiff and me getting married.

Also wanted to give props to Don for doing a great job getting this organized so it could happen this year!

I didn't take a lot of pics but here are the ones I've got:

King of the hill trophy:

The rentals:

Our wedding cake we shared with the SSHS crew at the hotel parking lot:

Still smoldering a few minutes after the burnout:

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Ya, he did not accept the peace offering... cwm2
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