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SSHS12 - Southern Super Heavyweight Shootout - Sat. Nov. 3rd Atlanta Dragway

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Sshs 12??


From Don L.: I've taken the lead and and I'm running the Southern Super Heavy Shootout this year. You'll notice a few changes in the classes and there will be a few more T&T cars than in the past. The event website is up at

You asked for this event, now I need you to follow thru and register.
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Maybe we can use this to communicate and discuss? Let me know if you want to contribute and we'll add you.

If ATL is unavailable, Fayetteville sounds great. My home track has similar pricing, NHRA certification and tech. It's 4 hours South of ATL on I-75. They have four test and tune weekends listed in Oct. and Nov. that might be available.

Big John, ATL INC is meeting on the 8th next weekend. Maybe we can hook up while I'm up there to talk about this.

P.S. I thought Mike had already "out"ed himself!?!
Looks like ATL drag strip is scheduled that weekend for some other activity AND it will be a minimum of $10K for the day.

My home track down 75 a little comes in around $4500 for a full day but they're booked the first Nov. weekend, too.

Silver Dollar Raceway in Macon, GA has the 3rd open on their schedule. I'm waiting on a call back to find out availability and fees.

Has anyone called any Carolina tracks?
I stand corrected. I got it confused with another comment about a swap meet happening that weekend.

Bottom line, I'm ready to support the continued existence of this event.

However, this kinda feels like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole to pull this off in less than two months. I am not ready to sign on for a ~$7500-10,000 obligation. Individually or in a group. Not on this short of notice. And not when I can rent a NHRA track 30 minutes from my house for ~$4000 for a full day and evening of racing. 5 x $500 sponsors + 30 cars @ $65. Add in spectators and local racers would cover trophies and maybe actually end up with a few dollars left over for supper.

Real World Budget Numbers to pull this off? Anyone make one? Should compare our options for each location.

Track Rental
EMT Services
Track personnel
Web site
.........What else?
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Great work, Don! You asked the $7,500 question I was asking. I'll sign up as soon as I can. I'm working with our local clubs to provide all labor/volunteers required. Need to work up a flier to distribute around town to see if we can get a decent number of locals to be sure we are covered on the gate.

Going to the shop today to check on the progress of Black Sunshine to be sure we are there in full force!!

ATL INC is offering to take care of all volunteer requirements during the event. Just let us know what, when, where and how many.
Googled local car clubs. Sent invitations to 20. Sent invitations from the FB event page to ALL of the gear heads on my friends list. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!
Leaving the house now. Gonna stop in ATL on the way up (at friggin rush hour SMFH). See y'all after dinner.
Don, I didn't take the chance at the final parking lot "meeting" so I want to do this now.

Thank you SOOOOOOO much for sticking your neck out and making SSHS12 happen this year. You did a fantastic job.

DonL for President!!!
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