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SSHS12 - Southern Super Heavyweight Shootout - Sat. Nov. 3rd Atlanta Dragway

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Sshs 12??


From Don L.: I've taken the lead and and I'm running the Southern Super Heavy Shootout this year. You'll notice a few changes in the classes and there will be a few more T&T cars than in the past. The event website is up at

You asked for this event, now I need you to follow thru and register.
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I heard from Rob Hamilton:

He 'thinks' Big John ran 8.90 at 156 to win Big Dog.

Kenny (Caniff I presume?) won King of the Hill.
Kenny also won Street.
A Marauder won Pro Street.
Heavy Eliminator was won by a "local old guy" lol
A local Challenger won the 12.0

Wish I was there. Rob said they are in the parking lot drinking Apple Pie and toasting Rusty! :)
Outside of carrying the Lieutenant down the track today, one of my other highlights is meeting and greeting some of the SS forum members in person. These guys are hardcore to drive hundreds of miles for a 2 day event. I wish i had time to catch up talk to a few of them. Beertestr didnt have time to piss. Make a run. Come back, try to sit down for a break, announcer call him back to the lanes. LMAO, it was great fun... Cant wait til next season, if i can have my way thru this winter financially, id love to come to the northern shootout.:D
Great meeting you crime scene.
YES, like wise brother. Im going to pm you in just a few. You still here in GA?
Yep. At the hotel in Commerce watching the LSU-Alabama game and drinking a few cold ones.
Roll Tide!
SSHS-12 First Video

Big John and crew were nice enough to let me stick a few cameras on his car. It took a while to edit and post using my antique laptop on the motel wireless but here's the first.

SSHS12 - Aerial Shots

Reconnaissance in the Aztec prior to attending SSHS12! If you look hard enough you may be able to spot Terry's broken tranny :)

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This event was GREAT all around! This was my first SSHS and wish I didn't miss the others. Love those Mark VIII's and Marauders. Boilermaker, it was great pitting next to you. Same here, great meeting you Crime Scene.

Heavy Eliminator was won by a "local old guy" lol This was me.
Yea, I had a great time as well. Great event once again this year. Met a couple guys from the forum and chilled with my ATL Inc crew all day.

Had I known that foreign cars were allowed in, I would have brought my E63 AMG. I don't drag race the BeaSSt since I broke the shifter at SSHS8. Oh well...

Had a great time. Treed my wife three times in a row in all of our grudge matches at the end of the day :D So now she has no room to talk for a whole year! The silence will be sweet!

Was great seeing a lot of familiar faces and meeting some new ones too. Hotel parking lot was great, never an SSHS without the cops coming out. Really glad everyone could hang out to remember Rusty and to celebrate Tiff and me getting married.

Also wanted to give props to Don for doing a great job getting this organized so it could happen this year!

I didn't take a lot of pics but here are the ones I've got:

King of the hill trophy:

The rentals:

Our wedding cake we shared with the SSHS crew at the hotel parking lot:

Still smoldering a few minutes after the burnout:

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I think Tiffany offered him some cake .

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Ya, he did not accept the peace offering... cwm2
still mad that i passed on those wheels bro... everytime i see your car, lol. showed my dad your wheels yesterday and he told me i ****ed up. LMAO!!!
Well the NASSA guys had yet another awesome time at SSHS. For me, this was my 3rd trip. We were light this year with only three NASSA guys as some personal things came up for a couple of the guys. Bob Lane came by and hung out for about an hour then had to get going. None of us are hard core drag racers, but this event is more than just drag racing. All three of us got put out in the first round of street eliminator. I went out when I red lighted against a Benz running 1.5 sec slower than me, Greg went out when his competition dialed 16.55 and ran a 16.55x, and David's clutch hydraulics were acting up and he got a 3rd gear grind on his first round pass. We all really struggled this year with traction and 60' and ET's reflected it, but still had a blast.

We had a great time and I met a few people and Mark (faSSt94impala) scared/impressed the crap out of me when he took me for a spin in his 94 SS blown 383 with 6 speed. My adrenaline is still pumping from that ride.

Can't wait for next year and we all hope this event continues for many years to come. Hopefully next year I'll have to wear a helmet. ;)
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Just wanted to post up about the t-shirts. We are going to try and do another run, i know we had a few people ask about sizes we ran out of. If you talked to me and I got your name/contact then we should be good, if anyone else that missed out on shirts or couldn't get the size you wanted, let me know! Or if you didn't attend but want a shirt anyways, that works too!

Just shoot me a PM on here or email me at blakewerner411 (at) and let me know what size and quantity you need. Then we will get back with you on final price and whatnot, since it may depend on how many shirt requests we get.

If you can copy/paste this on any other forums we had SSHS threads going on, for the Marauder/Mopar/trucks/etc, that would be great.

BTW, here are the shirts:



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Great pics, glad everyone had fun.
Trailer burnout is one of the best things...Evah!
Blake and Tiff congrats.
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