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Madman at the wheel!

I thought the exact same thing when I saw that picture. Did the track photographer take that or did kilr95ss take them? Great job whoever did!!

Had a blast and could not believe I took 1st place in "C" class. had a mishap in the staging lanes, right after Nabby spewed oil all over the track. I came back to the lanes after winning the round and was waiting for the engine to cool off with the fans running when someone shouted I was leaking antifreeze in the lanes. I popped the hood to see a rubber cap on the radiator was cut by the clamp. I didn't have another one and was starting to panic when Storming Norman came to the rescue with the right cap to plug it off. Thanks to Norm, Keith, Roz for helping me out. As it turns out that round should have been the semi-finals but when Nabby broke it turned into the finals. So Nabby saved me twice, once for oiling down the track and giving me time to fix the car and for breaking and putting me into the finals. Thanks nabby, sorry for the mis-fortune!!cwm1

Wish Robbie was there to see that run, everything went perfectly. Unusual for me. At least Joanne was there to see it!:D

Went to bed just before the cops showed up after BoBo's trailer burnout!! Got a good video of it, will have to post when I figure out how.

Great to see everyone again and looking forward to seeing ya'll next year.
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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