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gates please.....

Alabama is in da house....

line 'em up boys...



broken shifter....Stump to the rescue

Kevin Munsey up from Florida breaks the T-5 shifter on the first run and has to call on Stump for help...

Special thanks to Atlanta Dragway management for letting us use "the shed" to make much needed repairs. Just another reason we love this place.

Tac It

clean it up

weld it

looks good....


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Jose doin laps for charity.... (what charity we have no idea)

broke it... Jeff Green thrashing to get her going again.

fixed it..... almost (all that work only to find out the trans went at the same time) :(

ETR Chapter of Gassit....

when one's out of service you loan parts to keep the other goin'....
"yo Kevin, so you broke the shifter? 'eh guess you won't be needing these injectors for a while..." cwm4

there's an 11 in here somewhere......Congrats to Terry on finding it!!!

Paul's House...

that part is here somewhere...

anybody got a schematic for this.....?

Tom Pierce sellin'..... (and he did to a guy from North Caolina with a B.A.C. waaay over the legal limit)
it depends if he will remember in the morning what he bought. cwm4

Big E .....

anybody got a schematic for this.....>?
1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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