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Having my 94SS for 20 years now, I am the only one to have made changes to the car. On my 95SS which I've had for a few years now...its a different story. My son told me awhile back the door locks, interior lights, etc, were out and the fuse kept blowing out when he would replace it.

So finally I got around to taking a look at it, and sure enough it would blow the fuse, and sometimes it would work for a few minutes then blow out again. One time I could smell burning before the fuse blew. Finally we traced it to this little sucker.:)

Passenger side visor wiring was the issue. The car had been redone in a blue interior, and a new headliner, along with new visors had been put in and my guess is the wiring was not put back correctly by the shop that did the work, and had been rubbing in the metal roof area of the car. It took awhile to find it but am glad we did. It was really cooked for several feet, and my son did a great job splicing in new wiring all the way over to the drivers side B pillar.

The blue interior will be coming out, so maybe we'll find more gremlins along the way.
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