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Stainless ABS delete lines

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Hey all,

I know there has been some demand for a complete set of stainless steel ABS delete brake lines. I finally found someone willing to make them, but I have one issue. Don of Classic Tube said he could do it and would be able to provide special pricing for a group purchase type deal, but he would need a template to bend them from. I have no problem with doing this, but it may be a little while till my car is together enough to do this.

Is anyone interested in this, and would anyone be willing to help by creating a template? See the email attatched below!


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Hell yeah!! I'd be down for a set but don't have anything I could provide Ina template though. Another company to contact would be inline tube if this does not happen with Classic tube. There was also some talk that the pre 91 boxy Caprice (85-90?) may work or at least route the same. I believe the fittings and flare type could be different though.

I seem to remember a recent thread where someone was also looking at doing Abs delete but can't seem to find it. T may have been Bill (NavyLifer) or maybe that was body bushings he was looking at getting done. Theses things start to blend together after a while. :confused:

This may be the thread I was thinking of....but based on the Author of it, you probably were already aware. :>)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts