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Looking at a pair of axle shafts, but needing to know if OEM, Dorman, Moser, etc have a part # stamped/engraved on them?

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No, the only OE identifier used, which was internal to the assembly facility (American Axle & Manufacturing--AAM) was a color code on the shaft(s). I don't know that anyone here has ever done research to document the colors used in each application. No idea what process, if any, is used in the aftermarket--Moser, Yukon, Dorman, etc.

The axle HOUSING does have an identifier--stamped code numbers on the right axle tube, forward side, between the spring pad and point where the tube is secured in the center casting.

There are only 2 housings used (for 3-channel ABS) on 91-96 Buick & Chevy sedans, and 2 corresponding axle shaft lengths--even though there were several additional PN's used by GM for the same housings--disc brake cars had their own axle shaft PN's, even though it was not possible to note a physical difference sitting side-by-side with a drum brake axle shaft.

Before last year's crash, there was a thread in which I had posted the housing codes--a number of years ago. Took me a while to find this one: axle code stamping--photos available - from 4/20/2003. Of course, it's a "dead" thread, and the data is lost, but I do still have pix I can send via e-mail or possibly re-post.

Searching past August 2009 is a trip down memory lane--LOTS of questions we'll never see again, and many names from the past--some are still around, some are not.

I did run across some information in an unpublished tech article I was working on for the Impala SScene magazine--I don't recall when I started it, but the last time it was updated was Dec 2007:

8.5" sedan housing codes for 94-96 B-body:


4ZB / 2.93 (GW9)/ 11" / 1566mm (taxi)

2LQ / 2.93 (GW9)/ 11" / 1598mm Limited Slip

2LU / 3.23 (GU5)/ 9.5" / 1598mm w/LS

2LT / 3.23 (GU5)/ 11" / 1566mm

2LS / same as 2LT w/LS

2GU / 3.23 (GU5)/ 11" / 1566mm w/LS (taxi)

2LY / 3.23 (GU5)/ disc / 1566mm (police)

2LZ / same as 2LY w/LS

2LW / 3.08 (GU4)/ disc / 1566mm (police)

2LX / same as 2LW w/LS

2LL / 3.08 (GU4)/ disc / 1598mm w/LS (Impala SS only)


2GC / 2.56 (GM8)/ 11" / 1566mm

2GQ / same as 2GC w/LS

2NS / 2.93 (GW9)/ 11" / 1566mm w/LS
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