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Hey guys...alot of you should be very interested in this. I have recently contacted Todd at stealth bulbs and he si willing to sell us their new bulbs at a price of 25.00$ a pair with a lifetime warranty. if anyone is interested please email me at [email protected] or
[email protected] we have to buy at least 25 sets but i am sure we can do this very easily. the bulbs are coated in silver so that they do not show their colour until they are lit at wheich time they show amber or red your choice. they are perfect as an alternative to LED's sice they draw the same current as regular bulbs (unlike LED's which can mess with your signal flasher). the best of all they make your clear corners and markers look clear but flash amber

Press release

"Stealth Auto is VERY excited to introduce STEALTH BULBS. Stealth Bulbs
are THE BEST aftermarket lighting addition available
for every car on the market FOR A RETAIL PRICE OF UNDER $30. These
bulbs not only appear ABSOLUTELY INVISIBLE in clear corner lenses when
not illuminated, BUT FLASH AMBERWHEN LIT, making them totally street

We are so confident in our Product that we make the following three

1) “The Stealth Bulb Advantage” - Stealth Bulbs are the ONLY Automotive
Bulbs in the industry to EVER offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee on every
bulb we sell. NOT ONLY do we provide the best looking, highest quality,
silver coated amber bulb in the world, but we guarantee them for LIFE.
This means that if ANY Stealth Bulb EVER burns out, we will replace it
at our expense, no questions asked. (All our customers have to do is
return it to us to us in its original packaging and we will send them a
replacement for free. Not even a receipt is required!)

Although Stealth Bulbs have a retail price of $29.95, if we order 25
Pairs of Stealth Bulbs before February 1st, 2004, We will receive an
introductory price of ONLY $25.99 a set, 3)

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I would like them, but I would have them to be shipped abroad to the Netherlands, so for me it would be to costly.Otherwise I would really have bought them!

They are really nice!


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What bulb numbers are available here, and who makes the bulbs?

If they are available, I'm interested in 2057s for my Impala and some (3057??? I'll get back to you!) for my WRX

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KAOTIC_SS - I e-mailed you 2 days ago, but haven't received a response. I would like a set of 2057s for my Impala.Just let me know how you want payment.


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do they have the peanut bulb that goes in the side marker of the front turn signal? yeah, ive seen these all over the place for the larger ones, but no one makes the smaller ones which are the ones i want.
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