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It's always somethin' :frown2:

My 140,000 mile 95 FWB is so much better with the Borgeson intermediate shaft I just put a couple of days ago. But...

With the intermediate shaft lash fixed, now I notice a slight lash/clunk/pop in the steering column when I rotate the wheel back and forth, and feel it when I put my hand under the column. However, if I try to wiggle the wheel from side-to-side or up-and-down, there is no play, so the upper bearing seems fine. After reading through the shop manual and googling "gm steering sphere", I found some great write-ups that identify the plastic sphere and the 4 housing hold-down Torx bolts as the 2 likely culprits. A replacement sphere is $10 or so.

I've got most of the tools needed except for the pivot pin remover (can get or fab) and lock plate remover (inexpensive), but I'm wondering about how much of a pain this will really be, especially if I do it in the car. Everything else on the column works perfectly.

Any thoughts from the experts about how much I will love/hate replacing the sphere?
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