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Has anyone replaced their steering gear with anything other than the '7X Trans Am boxes? The only number I have seen on the torsion bar is 18 and this doesn't seem to stack up as the stock 9C1/SS is 22 If anyone has any information on this other than "it's the best darn box out there," do post.
It certainly seems like a YA would be a more likely candidate if you are replacing the whole box since it has a comparable range of motion. I am looking for just the rods, so if anyone knows a dealer of Saginaw 800 parts post it for us.

This is a list of info on the 12.7 ratio steering boxes that I have data on
GM-Part #-ID-Travel-Stiffness---Application
7839897___WS__35_____28__82-92 F-body with 15" wheels
7843512___HX__32_____32__84-92 F-body with 16" wheels
7843135___YA__39.25__30__84-87 G-body (Monte Carlo SS, GN 442)
26041012__FB__39.25__22__92-94 9C1/Impala
26048653__MX__39.25__22__95-96 9C1/Impala
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