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Steering wheel cruise control buttons

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I got to thinking on my way home from work tonight. I know its possible to use a steering wheel with radio control buttons on it to run the stock stereo.

If you found a steering wheel that fit with both radio and cruise control buttons on it, could you move the cruise control from the turn signal stalk to the steering wheel?
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The problem you would have is the wiring. If you found a clockspring with the wires you need, you could rewire the cruise control. If the steering wheel with cruise controls on it came with a usable clockspring I would take the clockspring with it. That would give you a base for your experiment. You have your work cut out for you, but it could be done.
The GM steering wheels with the cruise buttons on them will not work on our cars for a few reasons, first the air bag setup is different as most if not all steering wheels with radio and cruise controls use dual stage airbags which is incompatible with the single stage airbags. As a whole GM switched to the dual stage airbags in 2001(hence why a 2000 Monte Carlo steering wheel will work and a 2001 will not unless you can find a 2000 air bag to go with it).

Secondly comes the wiring, as many of the cars that have the radio-cruise combo wheels also have throttle by wire the cruise function goes straight to the computers of the car which control the throttle position instead of the wholly mechanical setup that our cars have along with the separate cruise control box. However for the cruise controls they many use a compatible signaling method to our cars and if so they then if that is the case at least the cruise control and radio SWC controls sides will work, but your best bet would be to try to find a friendly dealership or a local car club for the "donor vehicle" in your area who would let you look through service manuals of vehicles that have the combo control steering wheels. But remember if the donor vehicle is 2001 or newer the air bags will most likely be NOT compatible with our cars air bag setup. - Peter
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