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Hey guys,
I changed my Roadmaster sedan's springs to H&R 2 weeks ago, and had an alignment done at Midas(never going back there again!) last weekend. While the car runs straight and true, the steering wheel is off-center... very frustrating because of the way the RM steering wheel is shaped. I've had this problem before when having alignments done on the car... except that at the other place (back home on Guam), they redid it like 5 times for free until it was close enough to center. I sometimes wonder if I own the only RM sedan that has been across the pacific and back to the mainland US ;). Anyway, is this a common problem with B-cars? If not, what do you think the problem is?

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Find a good alignment shop (as you've figured, that Midas was clueless) that'll do the job right. Getting the steering wheel centered is a matter of adjusting the tie rods (both sides) correctly.

With a good shop, it's trivial to get the steering wheel lined up straight.

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I also insist that the wheel be PERFECTLY straight, (my wife thinks I have a problem).
I usually end up fixing it myself.

Figure out which way you need to go.
Loosen the tie rod sleeves and adjust them an equal amount.
If you bring one wheel in and push the other out EXACTLY the same amount, you won't change the toe-in.
Check the threads carefully so one know FOR SURE which way to turn or you will be going back to the alignment shop.
Tighten 'em back up and test drive.
I usually only make small (1/8 turn) adjustments at a time, until it is right.
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