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Hey everyone.

First off I am not a mechanic and I bought a 94 that needed work and I needed something to do. I really enjoy working on it and reading as much as I can. So far you guys has taught me how to take apart the speed display ( and sister board) and repair the solder joint and get is back to working order, replace bulbs , and replace centre link, tie rod ends, idle arm all without asking questions.Because this forum has the answers in it. You just have to read.

I took the steering box off today. a couple of hours. (I'm slow) non of the bolts seized. Emptied the fluid and reset the 2 adjustments. Then put it back in the car. Then I put in a 89 Jeep shaft. There was no moding of the steering column end. It went right in. and end the bolt. Now the end was "D" shaped and there was a machined flat side on it for the bolt.

Could has this been changed? From what I read, I had to grind a groove for the bolt,but in my case there was no need.

I got the wheels off the ground and started the engine, turned the wheel back and forth to get the air out. it went almost well.

The wheels would move in a choppy motion. There was no sequel or engine RPM drop.
Any ideas ?

The steering box was pretty tight when I started, there was room for improvement which I took care of. Turning it with my finger was not that easy on the bench. I know that it stiffens up at the centre point which it did. And I made sure that I didn't leave it there. But it seem the be a bit more than finger tight no matter where it was.

Any thoughts?

I have old BF goodrich 255/50ZR17 on them and I'm am going to replace them soon. I think I'll be getting Hankook. There are wear marks on the inside of the front tires. I though it was a bad alignment but hard over it hits the sway bar.

Should the steering take it that far? and thats on both sides

and a few other thoughts

The return to centre is still slow after turning a corner.
and it still finds the ruts in the road. I hope an alignment and new tires fixes it

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