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1991 Caprice Station Wagon
white & grey
tinted windows
chrome rims
trailer hitch
hot wheels stickers on the rear 1/4 windows
Moon, AFM, Sidi stickers on rear window
TeamGalbraithRacing license plate holder

stolen 9/2 from Madison/Manzanita area of Carmichael

if the person driving it is NOT a 6'7" long haired white guy, give me a call 916-207-4645, I'd be VERY interested in "chatting" with the person in it

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Jesus Christ.. Some people should really just be shot. I'm not in the area, but if you post a pic we can all be on the lookout for parts for sale and locals will have a better idea of what to look for. Hope you get her back man.

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Wagon found... stripped. Wheels and tires gone... on the frame rails

other damage -
Bashed in tailgate - likely from towing company pushing car with tow truck to move it around in the yard
ripped up front bumper
dent in the floor pan in rear passenger area - might be where the leading arm connects, if so, it might be toast (in the eyes of the ins. co.)
ripped out dash
cracked steering column
stolen stereo
broken out door panels
broken out cargo area panels
stolen speakers - polks
slashed headliner

Door was locked, alarm was on... dont know how they got in. No outward signs of forced entry... who knows, they may have had a series of universal alarm remotes or some such ****.


will see if its a "total" according the ins. co.

I hope not, it would be hard to replace, it was a cherry car... I bought it from the estate of an honest to pete little old lady... I've got service records from the dealership for the ever 3k mile oil change and all the little stuff she had fixed... sigh....

Dunno if I can find another wagon in my area... Sacramento, CA. they run kinda thin up here. Took me about a year to find that one. Might have to drive something else for a while...

bastards... i hope they die of a heart attack on they way to thier daughters wedding.

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Here are some pics I took just the other night...

ok, I was taking pics of my new camera crane, but you can see the car in the background... sniff.....

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