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We are having the Canadian Street Rod Shotout up here in Canada at Toronto Motor Sports Park.

I ran the car tonight, with the worst muggy humid air possible. There was actually dew on my hood forming while waiting in the staging lanes. I found the car is running at least 1.5 tenths slower than normal. I blame it on air quality.
The one question I have, is that I am spraying a 75hp shot of N2O. It ran fine. But, I don't know if it was me, or the car right beside me, during my second gear, I though I heard 3 to 4 backfires. If it was me, what could that be a sign of? My automatic pulled hard in 1st and shifted good into 2nd, I heard a couple of backfires, it went away, shifted into 3rd, still ran good.
Thanks again.
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