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stripped steering wheel holes!?

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Was in the process of installing my aftermarket steering wheel on my 96 but the the steering wheel puller threads stripped and the holds in the stock steering wheel stripped also,I went threw 2 steering wheel pullers and both was stripped,I also re threaded the bolds and holes and still the same issues,what can I now?
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You can drill out the holes and rethread them to a next size up standard thread, or get a helicoil kit that will repair the original threads. You can also get new bolts for the pullers at your local hardware store. Make sure that you get the proper size and thread count to fit the use. Using the wrong size/thread will strip the holes, and possibly the bolts as well. You should be able to thread the bolts into the holes at least 1/2 inch with just your fingers, if you have the correct bolt/thread.

When you install the new adapter, cut the two locating tabs on the inside of the bezel, so they do not interfere with the trim for the adapter. Make sure the rim to turn signal stalk distance is about the same as the original wheel to turn signal stalk distance.

I hope I interpreted your spelling and word use errors correctly. It is much easier to figure out what you are trying to communicate if you use the correct words and spell them correctly. It would also be nice if you were to elaborate on exactly what you did so a starting point can be established.
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Which threads were being stripped?
You still have the option of the helicoil option on all holes. If you thread the bolts in enough they will not strip. A good remover will not strip the center threads. If worst comes to worst, you can cut the wheel off with an angle grinder and cutoff wheel. Just do not cut the column shaft.
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