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Hey all, this is on my 95 RMS that I picked up. The problem is when you give it gas anything over just like revving and let's say you stab it pretty hard it bogs and backfires through the intake. The car didn't run when I got it so the things that I changed are as follows

-ICM and coil, one of them was bad, just put a good assembly on it.

-Fuel pump, guy I bought it from put the wrong one in it and it wasn't mating to the output tube, fuel pressure with key on is about 44 psi, idling it is about 38, when you rev it it will jump back up towards 44 then dip back down, don't think that it is an issue, just wanted to note it.

-EGR was seized, took it off last night and cleaned it out, don't really see any movement when applying a vacuum to it, could this be the issue? Not sure on if the EGR system would cause this, the FSM states that it isn't operating when in park or neutral.

Just curious if anyone else has had these problems and what was the fix.

Thanks in advance.
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