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If you've done any polygraphite or polyeurathane bushing mods, those things squeak naturally- maybe try some graphite lube/grease stuff...

I'm talking out of my @$$ here- I had a friend with them in his truck and they squeked like MAD CRAZY! I forget what the stuff he used to lube them was, but he had to lube them once every month or two...

1996 BBB Impala SS
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White Smoke : I have lately discovered the front left upper control arm bushing has started squeaking . I can actually duplicate the sound by standing on the drivers door sill and rocking it up & down. This spring, I will be replacing both front upper control arm bushings with the Moog "problem solver" bushings. Actually , if the price is right, I may at the same time replace the ball joints, and lower bushings as well....
Already tried to inject some lube into the current bushing, quieted it for a few miles, but the squeak came back. As Ed has already told me, the fix is to replace the bushing.
So, when all this white stuff is starting to leave, I will rebuild the front end....
Jim...'95 BBB
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