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Have a 95 P car that the police swapped a L99 into. Have a line on a very resonable low milage 97 Camaro LT1.

Other than swaping obvious external parts such as head, accessory's and brackets, and the oil filter adapter is there any thing else to worry about?

Read something about not bothering to hook up the crank sensor for OBDII since car won't look for it, and swapping the knock sensor from the L99 to the LT1.

Thanks in advance guys.

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I'd say that sounds about right.

but, I would swap the cam. Either to a stock B-body cam, or something not on such a wide LSA. Whats a camaro cam, like 200* intake duration at .050, and an LSA of 117? I can't remember.

Thats WAY to wide of an LSA... 112, MAX!!! They do that wide LSA for emissions reasons. Right? to keep overlap down, and help it idle?

What about the fuel rails? Are they different?

And you could leave the heads. They flow the same as the irons, and would weigh less.


Plus, the aluminums are giving you a lil more compression.

I think the stock cam is 190/196* duration at .050, with an LSA of 111*. So between the F-body cam, and B-body cam, they kept the overlap pretty close to the same. the F-body cam only has 4* more overlap, but 10* more duration...

The wide LSA is done, to "tame" the bigger cam... and is overall, a BAD way to do it. If you need a wide LSA to tame the cam, put a smaller one in on a better LSA...


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