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I am doin the brake conversions to my 94....puttin in all the 9C1 stuff

I am swappin the rear so the rear isn;t a problem,,,

The brake booster and master cylinder are larger in the 9C1 so i am swappin those...

Also looking at the sealth bolt mod

Now what do i need to do w/ perportional valve? Or anything else w. the split from front/rear....

Is there something i am missing that i need to swap over?

Also any recomantaion on pads and rotors? type brake fluid?

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Stock for stock they all got the same proportioning valve that is what the stealth bolt mod fixes.
Performance Friction pads from Autozone good price better warranty, Autospecialty NON-DRILLED directionally vaned rotors a special order from Summit $80 apiece for the fronts. Fluid there are better ones but for the street and ease of obtaining the Valvoline synthetic is a very good allround fluid.
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