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Systems for NON audiophiles :)

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Hey guys,
My brother just replaced the Monsoon unit in his '98 Firebird with an Alpine, and said if I wanted it, he would give me the Monsoon.
Is it any better than what I have now (stock cd player)? Will it hook up directly?
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I may not be entirely correct, but I don't think the head unit is the major factor on the monsoon unit. If I recall, the extra speakers it has over the basic setup, plus I think the speakers have built in amplification (or crossovers - can't remember which for sure).

I think the Monsoon did have a built-in EQ, etc, so it certainly does have some nice features.

Anyone want to correct me on this???


'96 LT1 Caprice
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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