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TAISSO wayback machine

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Pretty cool easter egg out there, early members of the TAISSO group and their builds in the year 2000

Unfortunately the group died out around the 2013ish era, the weird part being any online trace of the group was very minimal, like around 1 or 2 threads that I could find that talked about it when I was doing my search at the time I picked up my Impala. I've met like 2 or 3 original members but the rest? Vanished, kinda spooky considering, and whatever happened to those impala's? They were quite modified.

In attempt to revive or at least have some group presence it I've re-setup the group under 登录或注册即可查看 and own the domain to (will do something with that later).

So if anyone was an original member or owns a b-body in the Ontario, Canada region feel free to join. Hope to have some meets next year.

Some other easter eggs.

Ron Verbaas - Owner of the group back in the day
TAISSO - Mat - Matt Borsk - Agenda from 2001 for the group

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The Hurst/Olds car was interesting. Most go the Impala route with their Caprices, so it was nice to see something different.
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