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TCE Update

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Team TCE scores Second in class and Third overall at the 2017 Mt. Washington Hill Climb.

A great event run by the NH Sports Car Club this winding mountain road goes 7.6mi up at an average grade of 17%. We took three other Colorado Hill Climb specialists with us to take on the locals..and finished Second in the Open Class to Dan Novembre and Third overall to Dan and "Quck time", the Man: Travis Pastrana who shattered the course record with a run of 5:46. We followed at a 6:26 and 6:28. Neither Dan or I, nor the others had anything for those factory Subarus! (essentially 21st century Group B cars they were gutted and tuned up to nearly 700hp for this event)

Ride along on the first run (6:35) of the day here:

Wilwood parts in motion, challenging the best the world has to offer.

What can TCE build for you?
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Hi, is there a way to get a front brake kit with a different pattern?
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