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TCE Update

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Team TCE scores Second in class and Third overall at the 2017 Mt. Washington Hill Climb.

A great event run by the NH Sports Car Club this winding mountain road goes 7.6mi up at an average grade of 17%. We took three other Colorado Hill Climb specialists with us to take on the locals..and finished Second in the Open Class to Dan Novembre and Third overall to Dan and "Quck time", the Man: Travis Pastrana who shattered the course record with a run of 5:46. We followed at a 6:26 and 6:28. Neither Dan or I, nor the others had anything for those factory Subarus! (essentially 21st century Group B cars they were gutted and tuned up to nearly 700hp for this event)

Ride along on the first run (6:35) of the day here:

Wilwood parts in motion, challenging the best the world has to offer.

What can TCE build for you?
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Hi, is there a way to get a front brake kit with a different pattern?

Not sure how I missed your question a few months ago.

The one way I can think of is to use the CORE3 hubs. These (I recall buy may be wrong) have both the 5 x 5 and 5 x 4.75 bolt patterns in them. We'd do a "hub delete" from the TCE kit and make the offset change needed here for our brackets to work with those hubs.
Been quite a while again since I passed by this way. Hope everyone is doing well and planning their summer projects!

TCE remains THE source for your SS and Caprice BIG BRAKE needs!

As of now we offer four front kits:

And three rear kits:

With all those sizes to choose from it only gets harder: Base kits included BLACK or RED calipers and slotted only rotors....but "wait there's more!" With the TCE family you have a choice of Nickel plated calipers, custom powder coated calipers, Drilled and Slotted rotors!

Check out all the options and as we say: "What can TCE build for you?"

Caprice: Caprice / Impala '71-'76 - Kits

Impala SS: Impala SS 94-96 - Kits
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Quick bump to remind everyone not to forget their SS needs for you gift giving pleasure.

You'll both feel good about it.
2019 update

A few bits of info to share with SS owners today.

Offered up some funds to the Nationals as well as a FREE REAR KIT to be raffled off or given away at the event's discretion. Pretty simple gig: Purchase any TCE/Wilwood front kit and get a matching 13" kit totally free. Shipped. Same color, same rotor finish etc. just a basic "buy one get one free" deal for the good of the event. Hope it finds a happy home!

Over 20yrs running I'm still amazed (and pleased) with the interest in this car! I'm still pushing out all sizes of kits like when I started on them back in about 1998. Good stuff! Most sales today move to the larger sizes with the crazy wheel market we have now and TCE no longer does the older "core exchange" we did for years due to the condition of some of those received back. Today you gotta do your own thing or pay to play if you want me to modify them.

Not as active here as many years ago as the shop is busy today with a lot of one off and custom work. Seems to be less of the core sales and more people doing their own custom work now on mid 60s and 70s rides. And a lot of them are after some big brakes. Check out some of the ongoing builds here: XXX Customs - Kits

Currently on the bench: a front and rear 13" kit for an Int'l Scout of all things!
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Working up another run of our 15" brackets today. Hope to have them back form ano the middle of next week.

If you've been thinking "I need some big brakes" well, now's a good time to pull the trigger! The recent run on larger kits (15 and 16") has prompted me to try my best to stock more parts than we have in a long time. Not since the heydays of the late 90s has TCE had so many hubs, brackets, hats etc on hand.

Most customers today want the big stuff. And TCE is delivering the goods. Our 15/15 kits offer pure matchy-matchy sex appeal. Larger 15" rotors wrapped in Wilwood Aero6 and Aero4 calipers are the real deal for today's buyer.

A four wheel kit today will set you back about $5000 to the door. Not cheap but actually a better value than we had many years ago on 14" kit given the cost of some of my Wilwood parts has actually gone down, not up, over time.

You've seen them, heard others talk about them, read about them....take the plunge and be a proud owner!

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